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The Sleeper


Set in ancient Ireland, 'The Sleeper' is the story of a roaming Celt, whose chances of finding a special lady are hampered by his travelling partner...his religious mother.

The Sleeper was filmed over 4 days in Kells, County Meath in Ireland. We converted a sound studio to a greenscreen set and shot the whole film there. That was back in the summer of 2015 and it took 3 years of post production fit in between my day job to complete the backgrounds as the whole film was greenscreen.

The CGI sets were comprised of photos I took of the cliffs in Loughshinny, near Skerries and the Glendalough mines. I also set up a small pink screen studio in my attic to photograph branches covered in thread which I used to create the dead trees.

Watch the film below


Director: Garrett Lynam
Cast: Gary Lynch, Rosemary Keogh , Tanya Denise , Blaise Reid, Stephen Doring, Dwayne Timmons
Extras: David Pilkington
Sound recordist : Adam O'Lone, David Pilkington, Dwayne Timmons
Makeup & FX: Jen Coughlan & Karen (assistant)
Costume assistant: Tanya Denise
Studio: Zonervision​​​​​​​

The Sleeper was awarded Official Selection at the Yellow Fever Independent Film festival




Production photos

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