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The Perfect Kiss

'The Perfect Kiss' is a comedy horror about the perils of not taking any heed to the signs of approaching danger - especially the howl of a wolf at midnight.


Thanks again to the amazing cast with Vince Breheny as Pauly, Gary Lynch as Michael and Nadia Gativa as Rosie. And thanks also to the fantastic effects by the talented Francesco Bufali and our great sound recordist Dave Pilkington. It was shot over three long days on greenscreen using the Blackmagic Cinema Camera in 2.5k raw with a Canon 16-35mm 2.8 lens, we also used a Canon 7D as our backup camera.

Please watch the full film below


Written & Directed by: Garrett Lynam
Starring: Vince Breheny, Gary Lynch & Nadia Gativa
Make-up: Francesco Bufali
Sound recordist: Dave Pilkington
1st AD: Dwayne Timmons
Composer: Lizzardino
Sound Designer: Brian Brennan


Michael is coming back from his girlfriends Rosie's house in the middle of the night and decides to take a short cut through the forest. He happens upon his old friend Pauly who due to the recent economic situation is selling his potted flowers to make ends meet. They begin to hear a strange noise from the darkness but they seem too involved in their own conversation to take the approaching danger seriously.

Please watch the trailer below


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