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Mu Rising

Zoner Delivery man Ben, tries to stand up to his bossy onboard computer in order to get back to base in time to meet up with his favourite robot Z19, whilst trying to figure out who is trying to sabotage his craft with a strange alien species called Mu's.

Watch the full film below


Written & Directed by: Garrett Lynam
Running Time:  11min 23sec
Frame rate:  25fps
Size:  1920 x 1080


I was looking for a suitable film project that would enable me to work my full time job as a graphic designer and also not take too much time away from my family of three, all under 3 years old at the time. The Cork Film Festival had screened my last short, Alizarin Woods which I shot with a medium sized cast and crew, but due to limited time I had to do this film differently. I decided to do a green screen short with only one actor, I used myself to save time. I filmed it in a large garage we had in the house we were living in. I filmed at night time to cut down on noise. After filming I then hired two excellent voice artists Melanie Haynes and Kasia Lech to voice the parts of the on-board computer and Z19. I originally had scored with retro synth techno but decided to re-score it with jazz to give a more human element. So I hope you enjoy my sci-fi mystery, Mu Rising




Production stills

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