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Feck Ireland

Feck Ireland is a hilarious comedy sketch show using both animation and live action for adult audiences with topical storylines. Please check out it's website

Watch the Feck Ireland sketches below

Our super simple animation styles and basic camera set ups for the live action give each sketch an edgy feel and puts the focus entirely on the jokes!
Each sketch depicts stereotypical Irish society and famous faces struggling to deal with topical issues from the news and pop culture.
Feck Ireland will help shine a comedic light on the daily issues our target audience of 18-44 year olds deal with each day and gives them a much needed laugh through a collection of Irish characters they know so well.  
Each sketch is 2 minutes in duration and ideal for a quick laugh at any time of the day. Our shows are produced entirely in house which enables us to complete them even under lockdown restrictions. Our turnaround for each sketch is a couple of days which makes each episode highly topical and fresh. Each sketch can also exist as a standalone show with full intro title and credits making it easily customizable for broadcast scheduling.
Feck Ireland was created by husband and wife team Garrett & Geraldine Lynam who decided to use their time in COVID19 lockdown creatively. Looking to put a funny spin on the dreary daily news they started to produce short 2 minute comedy sketches. They animated each one themselves, used their own voices for the characters and eventually stepped in as the actors for the live action sketches with a little help from their kids.
Title: Feck Ireland
Genre: Comedy sketch show
Sketches: S.P.U.D, Irish Daddy, Ballylanger, Feck Ireland News, Deadly, X Republic, Howya Garda
Series format: 1 Season x 4 Episodes (15 minutes) x 7 (2min) sketches
Target Audience: 18-44 year old male and female
Show website

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