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Alizarin Woods

Alizarin Woods is the tense drama about one man's struggle to come to terms with a violent incident in his past. It premiered at the 2011 Cork Film Festival.

Watch the full film below


Writer & Director: Garrett Lynam
Producer: Dwayne Timmons (Mythology Productions)
Cinematographer: Jonatas Borges
Assistant Director: Simone Broetto Marques
Music: Gary Kelly
Cast: Jonathan Caffrey, Eilis O Donnell, Lorna Brennan, Timothy Walsh, Dwayne Timmons
Sound Mixer: Ciaran McCreary
Sound recordist: Sean Markey
Make-up: Suzanne Merashino
Running Time: 26min 31sec
Frame rate: 23.98fps
Size: 1920 x 1080


Full synopsis

David gives an educational tour of the local woods for a group of inner city youths, on his area of expertise, fungal biology.
Very early into the tour, David starts to lose control of the group when two of the boys go off by themselves drinking. He is left with the two girls, Julie who is totally bored and Lisa who is more interested and has a slight crush on him. His attempts at making the tour more exciting don't succeed. A power struggle develops as Julie tries to break him down with smart remarks and bold behavior. The girls see a man watching them and David, influenced by the girls remarks, confronts him. The situation gets out of control and David ends up attacking the man and beating him nearly to death.

Five years later David is living with Julie, who is now his girlfriend. David has been changed by the incident, he is drinking a lot and is more aggressive. They live in an old house in the country which is a mess. They are drinking with Julie's friend Miles. An argument breaks out and David pleads for Miles to punch him. Miles walks off confused at David's unusual behavior. Julie confronts David and decides she has had enough and leaves him after he insults her.

Lisa, who has become obsessed with trying to find the man from the forest, calls over. She shows David a letter that she claims she has gotten from the man. David reluctantly agrees to go with her to meet him.

They go to an old mill to meet him, but David doesn't believe that it is the same man and walks off in a rage. The man then shots David.

Lisa and David are then held by the man in the mill. David is dying from the gun shot. When he wakes up Lisa confesses that she knew the man was a fake and that she organized the whole thing. David says nothing and kisses her but then strangles and kills her.

David returns to the forest in his death, never able to leave.



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